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Sustainability In Commericial Real Estate Development

Whenever the topic on commitment to sustainability arises, McWHINNEY is among the companies that are bound to be mentioned. McWHINNEY is a renowned real estate development firm dedicated to creating sustainable communities. Apart from building homes, businesses, and shops, McWHINNEY also focuses on establishing communities that allow people to tap to the glories of nature without disrupting important animal habitats.

Some of the notable jobs McWHINNEY is recognized for include:

  • Rangeview Three, a Class A LEED certified office building. This project diverted 86% of construction waste.
  • The partnership between Loveland Thompson School District, HPEC, and McWHINNEY to develop green practices and a sustainable curriculum for local STEAM school.
  • The design of Centerra which features low water landscaping, automatic door systems, and energy efficient buildings. Centerra and Van de Water were both established to provide open space, roundabouts, mass transit stops, and pedestrian walking trails.
  • Chapungu Sculpture Park, one of the projects at Centerra that introducted compost in the park that was obtained from recycled construction waste.
  • The Gold LEED hospital,a Centerra initiative that features a 136 bed facility, one of the two LEED certified U.S. hospitals in 2007.

High Plains Environmental Center, a non-profit organization charged with protecting Centerra's open space, wetlands, and lakes. The High Plains Environmental Center (HPEC) was established in 2001 following a partnership with McStain Neighbourhoods and McWHINNEY. HPEC supports consultants, planners, and local developers on sustainable design. The HPEC initiative also provides educational programs to the community.

How Does McWHINNEY Achieve Its Sustainability Goals

McWHINNEY is dedicated to reducing energy consumption and waste by utilizing sustainable building methods. McWHINNEY's overall goal is to implement sustainable development internally and within communities. The firm’s embraced its plan in 2007 with a main emphasis on the Planet, People, and earning Profit.

In line with its sustainability standards, McWHINNEY constructs its roads and the surrounding infrastructure using materials like reused asphalt, coal power plant byproduct, and fly ash.

McWHINNEY also implements its projects using environmentally friendly products such as CFL light bulbs and water based paints.

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