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Chad McWhinney is a real estate developer doing business in Denver and Loveland Colorado as well as California.

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Accomplishments Of Chad McWhinney

Chad McWhinney Is One Of The Top Real Estate Developers In Denver
ChadMcWhinney is distinguished entrepreneur who has built a vast real estate empire. Chad together with his brothers co-founded McWhinney Real Estate services Incorporation where he’s currently serving as the Chief Executive officer (CEO). Mr. Chad McWhinney previously worked at Poudre Valley Health System as a director. He also served at Colorado State University System as a member to the Board of Governors. Mr. Chad McWhinney hails from southern California.
Mr. Chad McWhinney’s journey to success demonstrates his leadership and entrepreneurial skills. He started by helping do the harvest of berries from the family farm (McWhinney berries). Together with his brother, Chad identified his High school classmates as the market for their berries. This happened in the year 1986. After selling the berries for some years, they were able to expand their berry-selling business to 28 locations. As a result, they managed to raise m…