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Learn More About Real Estate Developer Chad McWhinney

As an award-winning company involved in all areas of full-service real estate investment, management, and development, McWhinney accomplished all of this thanks to a consummate team of 80 exceptionally talented people. The company was actually founded in 1991 and everybody involved is extremely passionate about the task of providing legendary experiences as well as amazing places for everybody to enjoy.
Our approach is an elementary one. We invest for the long-term and the majority of those investments are large-scale projects that are both multi-use as well as owned, developed, and managed by our company for the purpose of producing income mainly for our own accounts. A few of our most recent projects include:

~ North Park in Broomfield
~ Van De Water in Loveland
~ Union Station in Downtown Denver
~ Dairy Block in Downtown Denver

Our Promise:
Providing amazing experiences for people while also being evergreen. What that means is that we are always creating a stable and recurring cash flow that is derived from our ownership stake in a portfolio that is both diverse and made up of income-producing assets. This gives us the opportunity of investing in numerous future opportunities.

Our Purpose:
Creating tremendous opportunities for people and bringing their dreams to life, from building state-of-the-art facilities to creating entire sustainable communities; that is the basis of our purpose. And, the most important part of our core purpose is exceeding the extremely high expectations of our valued customers and creating the epitome of amazing places for people from all walks of life.

Our Path:
1. Attracting and retaining superior talent,
2. Creating and protecting value,
3. Demonstrating the principles of leadership,
4. Having fun.

Our design of Centerra resulted in a number of recent awards, including:
2009-American Society of Landscape Architects- Professional Design Award
2010 and 2011- Assoc. Landscape Contractors of Colorado- Excellence in Landscape Award
2016- Nat;l Assoc. Of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP)- Development of the Year Award
2016- Nat’l Assoc. Of Home Builders- Best in American Living-Platinum Community Facility Award


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